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Using our 30 years payroll experience we have developed CalcPay to be probably the most comprehensive, inexpensive and easy to use payroll system in the UK.

The FULL CalcPay program can be downloaded and tried for FREE for 4 pay periods.

There is NO restriction on the numbers of employees and up to 1000 companies can be processed.

Each version of CalcPay is for the PAYE year.

Prices for 2019_20
Up to       2 company ver costs   70.00 +vat
Up to 1000 company ver costs 130.00 +vat

Pensions,Attachments, Bacs, &OnLine Returns are all INCLUDEDin the price.
Unlike our competitors they are not an expensive extra.

All support and updates are also INCLUDED &in the price.

National Minimum Wage Rates