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This is the full CalcPay product.

The unlicenced CalcPay 's restrictions are;
  It can be used to do 4 periods (weeks,months).

After you have paid you will be given the registration code to remove all the restrictions.

Downloads available:


Download CalcPay23 For Year 2022_23



Download CalcPay22 For Year 2021_22

Download CalcPay21 For Year 2020_21

Download CalcPay20 For Year 2019_20

Download CalcPay19 For Year 2018_19

Download CalcPay18 For Year 2017_18

Download CalcPay17 For Year 2016_17

Download CalcPay16 For Year 2015_16

Download CalcPay15 For Year 2014_15

Download CalcPay14 For Year 2013_14

Download CalcPay13 For Year 2012_13

Download CalcPay12 For Year 2011_12

Download CalcPay11 For Year 2010_11 

Download CalcPay10 For Year 2009_10

Download CalcPay09 For Year 2008_09

Download CalcPay08 For Year 2007_08

Download CalcPay07 For Year 2006_07

Win8, Win7 & Vista©  does not allow data files to be entered in the 'ProgramFiles' folder.
CalcPay stores the data you enter below the year folder, (pay13_14).
If you put CalcPay into the 'ProgramFiles', Windows will switch on 'virtualization' which means it will record the data in another folder & pretend it is in the 'ProgramFiles' folder.
It is strongly recommended you use the default folder of 'calcpay' directly on your 'C' drive c:\calcpay.