CalcPay S.S.P.

This shows how S.S.P. is dealt with
    First PIW
    Record keeping for SSP



You enter SSP in the pay run.


You are presented with 13 weekly rows showing the Sunday start date.



Just enter 's' in the day boxes that the employee was sick.
You can click on either 'O.K.' or 'Calc' to proceed. 'O.K' takes you back to the  Payroll & 'Calc' updates this form. 


As this is a new  PIW (Period of Incapacity for Work) CalcPay checks that the employee has previously earned enough.
If the Average pay is over the 'Lower Earnings Limit' (£82.00 for 2005_06) then it will be accepted.
Please note that there is NO requirement for them to have worked 8 weeks. If he had only worked 1 week then enter the 'No of weeks' as 1. Indeed if he is sick in the first week then enter the amount that he would have earned.


As we had pressed 'Calc', we are returned to the SSP record Sheet.
You can now see that the 's' has changed to:
'n' for days when he was 'Off'
'w' for the Waiting days(3)
'p' for the days that he is to be Paid.
The time he was off is shown '0.400' being 2 days in 5 working days.
The 'Value' is also calculated, in this case £27.28 being £68.20 * 0.400.


You can now press 'O.K.' to return to the Payroll
Again because this is the first PIW  you will be taken back through the 'Average of 8 weeks pay' again.




 The main 'Process Payroll' will display both the amount of the S.S.P. and the time off that was paid.
The S.S.P. has now been entered recorded and calculated.


The SSP is displayed on the payslips & also on the report 'Summary for Period'
nb There are 2 employees, this is important re the recovery of SSP.



We are now entering the second week of sickness in the next payrun.
You can also left click & drag with the mouse to mark the days off
Then click on 's'  to replace the PURPLED area with 's'
You can also see here that the lower case letters have been replaced with UPPER CASE.
You cannot change any of the letters on the BLUE background as they have been permanently recored.


CalcPay also does the P32 monthly calculation as to ascertain how much, if any, of the SSP is recoverable.
Just as well CalcPay does ALL the calculations for you.


You can also view the period of absence in the employee details area.


If you wish to change the work days of the employee you can do it here.

You can also change the work pattern.
In this example we have entered 2 weeks ON  for every day followed by 2 weeks OFF.
Please note that every week MUST have a Working day even if they do not work it.

That's the HARDEST part of the payroll REDUCED to mere CLICKS of a mouse.