CalcPay Employee Details

We need to put on the Employee information:
    Personal Details
    Tax & NIC info
    Pay headings & rates




You initially get 'yellowed' boxes






After you click 'New' you are asked to confirm.
Currently it is NOT possible to remove an employee who has been entered.


You can now enter the personal details of the employee.

Enter details :
    Payment & Job,    Director,    National Insurance,    Tax Code,    Incoming P45.


The Pay:
Enter the descriptions of the items that we are paying them., together with the Units ie hours and the Rate per unit.
In the PayRun CalcPay will do the extensions ie 35*10.50=£367.50
We consider all these items to be subject to Tax & NIC, If the payment is not PAYE then use the 'Pay Extra'


You can now enter a new employee or quit. CalcPay will automatically save the information.